Happy New Year! 

Looking at your analytics, you may notice that your earnings inflated during the month of December. But, that peak was most likely followed by a sudden drop in January. 

Don’t press the panic button just yet! 

This fluctuation, though drastic, is normal and common amongst the vast majority of creators. It is not your channel's fault or ScaleLab's fault.

During the months of November and December, advertisers compete for ad space. Such high demand sparks a surge in both CPM and revenue. But, after all that splurging and frenzy, advertising demand drops faster than the New Year’s Eve Ball. 

On average, CPM rates can plunge by as much as 50% in January – marking the official end of the holiday season. Although the reality of this pattern can be a bummer, don’t get discouraged.

Rest assured, your CPM and revenue will make a steady comeback by March. You can offset this earnings drop by publishing videos more often and following a regular release schedule.

Bottom Line

Like Steve Jobs after being exiled from Apple in 1985, your earnings too will make a strong comeback!

(but by March 2016, not after 12 years)