Building your Twitch presence should be at the top of every content creator’s 2019 resolutions. There are tactics to help and this article will not cover the same generic advice posted everywhere else online. Don’t stream saturated games, no d’uh. Promote yourself on other sites, obviously. Or our favorite; do something different. Thanks Ninja – really helpful when the advice could be applied everywhere, to any platform. 

Instead, we will be looking at actionable tasks and strategies that will galvanize your Twitch channel, getting your streams to rank higher for more exposure and viewers.

Be an Active Viewer and Platform User

Turn off your camera and consider this: live streaming is not the only way to grow a presence on Twitch. You must dedicate time to offline engagement and being an active Twitch community member. What does that mean? Watch other streamers and learn the language of niche channels you want to emulate. Walk away from the keyboard and attend meetups, competitions, conferences, wherever your community meets IRL. Then engage those people just as you would a Twitch chat. 

The simplest and most effective "networking" you can do is making friends. Be a human being. Be a friend. Listen to these individuals – seriously listen. Ask about their lives and ask about their streaming. Care about the answers. Get to know them, how they work, how they feel. Forge a bond that could result in your channel getting auto-hosted onto a larger account. You can often grow just as quickly offline as online by networking and making your voice be heard in streams across the platform.

ABE (Always Be Engaging)

This cuts two ways; both for being an engaging entertainer as well as being conscious that you have a live audience clamoring for attention. 

If someone enters the stream and says hello and you don’t respond, when you have multiple opportunities to do so, then they’ll feel ignored and leave. You have about 30 seconds to 1 minute to respond. Viewers have low attention spans with a high chance that they will leave quickly. Even when you have nothing to say, you can always say hello and make someone feel welcomed. 

Keeping up engagement means you have to start the conversation. Learn how to talk about your passions and what you are educated in. Talk about what you’re doing in the game, talk about your thoughts on the game, talk about your day, talk about what you did, talk about what you’ll do tomorrow, talk about what you did yesterday, and keep checking your chat. This shouldn’t feel like another ball to juggle, but checking in with a room of buddies.