As part of our our continuous effort to provide you with the best tools to grow your channel and audience, we are excited to announce a partnership with vidIQ. All ScaleLab creators now have access to vidIQ Pro services 100% for free.

vidIQ is the #1 Chrome extension for YouTube and a robust intelligence and marketing resource for every YouTuber who wants to advance their channel’s SEO performance. Audience Growth specialists at ScaleLab use VidIQ Pro extensively to provide our creators with strategy and tips to rank high in search results within their niches.

Below is a preview of what vidIQ’s Chrome extension looks like. Our Audience Growth team worked closely with ScaleLab creator Will Carmack on the metadata optimization for his Wedgie Prank On Yoga Girl video.

We used VidIQ intelligence to determine what keywords he should use in his title, description, and tags section. We also used their plugin to measure our success: his video now ranks #1 for competitive keywords like “girl wedgie,” “wedgie,” and “wedgie girl prank” among others (the blue numbers next to the tag indicate how high you rank for that keywords in YouTube search results).

Getting access to vidIQ offers you a lot more than the best SEO optimization tools in the business. It also includes:

If you’re a ScaleLab partner, get your free access by logging into your ScaleLab Dashboard and click on the vidIQ app.

If you’re not yet a ScaleLab partner, join now.