Live streaming is so prevalent that you could start steaming, read this article out loud, and find an audience. There are gaming, cooking, painting, fitness, sports, ASMR, VR, beauty tutorials, to name a few streaming categories, and the community is growing each day. Most consider Twitch to be the live streaming homeland, which makes TwitchCon the preeminent event for all things streaming. The ScaleLab team had tickets to this year’s conference and we’re going to share our top 5 things we learned this year. No V-bucks necessary to unlock these goods. 

1. Twitch 2018 SOLD OUT For the First Time Ever

Twitch has grown so much as a platform this past year, and it showed in the attendance. Over 50,000 people showed up to the convention this year, making it the first TwitchCon ever to completely sell out tickets. Great news for live streaming as a thriving ecosystem, but hell for anyone waiting multiple hours at badge pickup and entrance lines. If you’re planning on attending next year, be prepared for massive amounts of attendees. 

2. Announcing New Platform Additions and Monetization Opportunities