Partner Manager

Are you a YouTube wiz? Team Leader? Got the technical chops to grow a YouTube audience?

Our platform has powerful tools to help you acquire talent, measure and accelerate growth, and optimize your community for scale.


  • Recruit channels to join the ScaleLab network
  • Proactively work with channels to help them grow their audience
  • Respond to the needs of your partnered channels

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Desired Skills and Experience
  • Experience with an MCN or subnetwork
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent organization skills

Bonus Skills and Experience

  • Fluency in both English and a second language
  • YouTube certification in Audience Growth
  • Have a strong social media presence (blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc.) with a large following

Compensation / Benefits

  • You will receive 65%-75% of the earnings for every channel partnered under you and have an official title:
    • Partner Manager: 0-25 million monthly views - 65%
    • Senior Partner Manager: 25-100 million monthly views - 70%
    • Executive Partner Manager: 100 million+ monthly views - 75%
  • Personalized landing page on ScaleLab’s website for recruiting channels
  • ScaleLab Network email address
  • Set your own work schedule
  • Work anywhere in the world

How to Apply

Please fill out the application form below. Explain in your cover letter the following four questions:

  1. What is your experience with YouTube?
  2. What is your strategy to recruit new channels? Do you enjoy working in a particular niche or vertical?
  3. What additional services will you provide to your creators? Are you a graphic designer? Expert content strategist?
  4. How many channels do you have ready to link and what are the total monthly views of these channels? Please include links to your three largest channels.

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