MCN Management Platform

Powerful, reliable, and intuitive software to run your YouTube multi-channel network.

Admin Panel

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
So measure everything.

Creator Panel

User friendly. Customer support friendly.
And in 11 languages.

Recruiter Panel

Talent acquisition made fun, easy, and fast.



Nearly everything is branded with your network’s name, support email, support telephone, social media links, logos, and more.

Custom Contracts

Create as many as you like. Choose your commission, initial term, recurring term, or no term.

Application Form

We provide a few lines of JavaScript to generate simple application forms for a given contract, recruiter, or language.

Network Support

Our YouTube certified team will quickly answer your questions, advise you on best practices, and keep you up to snuff on industry trends.


Add your team of recruiters, give them commissions, and create custom campaigns and email templates.


We support PayPal, direct deposit, check, Payoneer, and Western Union. ScaleLab will pay all creators automatically.


In addition to English, our platform supports Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Danish, Dutch, Arabic, and Russian.

Channel Optimization

Our automated channel analysis tool gives creators immediate feedback on how to accelerate their channel's growth.