04 Nov

What We Learned From TwitchCon 2018

Live streaming is so prevalent that you could start steaming, read this article out loud, and find an audience. There are gaming, cooking, painting, fitness, sports, ASMR, VR, beauty tutorials, to name a few streaming categories, and the community is grow...

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01 Oct

What Is Your Niche Audience Searching For On YouTube

Very few people are lucky enough to have a piano playing cat, but everyone wants to be a viral sensation. If you want your video in front of as many faces as possible, let’s start by asking what are those viewers searching for? The key to distributi...

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05 Oct

ScaleLab partners with vidIQ!

As part of our our continuous effort to provide you with the best tools to grow your channel and audience, we are excited to announce a partnership with vidIQ. All ScaleLab creators now have access to vidIQ Pro services 100% for free. vidIQ is the...

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02 Sep

Get paid via direct deposit with DWOLLA

We are pleased to announce a partnership with DWOLLA to help us make our direct deposit payments. Best of all, these payments are still free and the payment threshold is now only $1! As such, we now require all direct deposit payees to create a DWOLLA...

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09 Jan

Expectations Regarding January CPM Rates and Revenue

Happy New Year!  Looking at your analytics, you may notice that your earnings inflated during the month of December. But, that peak was most likely followed by a sudden drop in January.  Don’t press the panic button just yet!  This f...

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