If you’re a photographer with career ambitions that include “Influencer,” then you most likely have a solid following on Instagram. Photography is more manageable than video production, but Instagram posts have much shorter lifespans. How do you capitalize on those brief interaction, especially when the user spends seconds or less looking at a single post? 

Instagram is arguably the most prolific social platform. To engage your audience, show sneak peeks at upcoming videos, give them exclusive content, use your channel name consistently, and make sure the social media account that needs the most attention is linked on your profile. 

Have a big video coming out and want to get your fans hyped? Make a 15-second Instagram video showing highlights of your YouTube work. You can spread the content over days, leading up to the video premiere to build suspense and excitement. End the Instagram story with a thumbnail from the video and if you have the ability, include a swipe up link for your audience to easily access the video. If you don’t have the swipe up function, include your new video link in your bio as an effective alternative. 

Another key aspect of building integration between social platforms is brand recognition. 

Build brand recognition by watermarking your images with your YouTube and Facebook channel’s name, logo, and brand colors. Visuals, especially the same colors across platforms will give followers a clear understanding of the connectivity between different social accounts. 

For example, VidCon has clear branding that matches their other accounts, communicating unity. 

The comments section is very powerful on Instagram because the text is always attached to the post, making it a very visible place of promotion. Never forget to tell your followers in comments when you have a new upload, especially in response to questions about an upload schedule. Not only can you comment back to your own posts but if you have fan posts or pictures you’re tagged in, be sure to respond there as well. This can be a great way of conversion as it will increase your visibility to people who may not be following you. 

Lastly, use Instagram Live for quick, spontaneous promotions. For example, tell followers you’ll be reacting to your latest YouTube video live on Instagram or casually mention your latest Facebook post at the top of the stream. 

To recap, make sure to do the following to push your audience from Instagram to other platforms:

  • Utilize Instagram stories to highlight new YouTube videos.

  • Create brand recognition with logos, colors, and watermarks.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of comments on Instagram, on your own posts and others.

  • Use Instagram live for random promotions and push other platforms during this casual conversation with your audience.