From Twitter to Any Platform

If you can’t go to the bathroom without tweeting about it, you’re either the president or an influencer with a lot to say on Twitter

Keep in mind that not all tweets are created equally and the lowest of the lows are auto-generated tweets. Do not enable these tweets to populate your profile. Auto-tweeting is the death of engagement, as it signals to your followers that this account is more of an after-thought.

When used correctly, Twitter can build anticipation and excitement around an upcoming video. It can create conversations around relevant trending topics or provide insights on exactly what your followers think about. Feedback is easy to find because people generally share their opinions more openly on Twitter. 

Announce in advance that you’re going to be active and responding to subscribers on Twitter to build awareness on new projects. Tell users that they can participate by using a custom hashtag in their tweets during the chat (e.g., #YouTubeChannelNameChat). 

These actions build a sense of community and start conversations with your audience about topics relevant to them. While hashtags can seem cliché at times, Twitter is definitely the place to use them. 

Whether it’s on What’s Trending or checking in on your own brand, hashtags can be extremely helpful. You can even create a hashtag around a certain video you’re trying to push.

On Facebook and Instagram, posting multiple times in one day is considered spamming.

However, Twitter moves so fast that the more you tweet, the more opportunities there are for your channel to be seen by others. Twitter is an immediate medium – pay attention to your social analytics and focus tweets on the times of day when your audience is online and active. 

You can also gain more exposure by mentioning the brands and products that you review, use, or feature on your YouTube videos. Find their Twitter usernames and give them tagged mentions when talking about their products. Every company loves free advertising, and they’re likely to show their appreciation by re-tweeting, replying, or even sharing your YouTube video. 

When they do this, your tweet instantly gets exposure with their audience, which could be sizeable and made of people with similar interests.

From Any Platform to Twitch

If you’re reading this aloud to a chatroom full of live viewers, then you’re probably familiar with Twitch – the Internet’s largest hub for live streaming content. 

Twitch has been around since 2011 and it’s clear now that building a live streaming audience is not a waste of time. Not only that, but Twitch one of the most interactive social platforms as fans can often play with their favorite streamers.